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XGen Studios are the masterminds and developers of Stick RPG 2, which is an upgraded version of Stick RPG. The game bears various modifications compared to the original version. The player is thrust into an unfamiliar and rather bizarre city and tasked with finding a place among the peculiar citizens of Paper Thin City. You strive to build strength, earn more money and increase your intellect. There are mysterious trans-dimensional artifacts to be collected in a bid to solve the mysteries of this inexplicable city.
The game bears quests and you get rewards for completing any of these. Talking to the character giving the quest prompts you to begin the quest. To spot quests, look out for a sword over a shield.
1. Main Quest

The main quest of the game is to acquire all the 4D objects and hand them over to the professor. In return, he gives you a key to the lab. For this, talk to Tutorial Ted. He will tell you to find Ansel. Ansel, who is in the U of S tells you about the 4d objects. There are various ways to acquire the 4d objects.

· 4D Hypercube: Beat the nerd at chess in the U of S

Give money to the Nigerian Prince to bail out of jail 

· Klein bottle: Defeat Broski at arm-wrestling in the Club

Complete the Squeegee mini-quest: Give self-help book to suicidal guy of the far right of street 1. You will get Squeegee to give to the Squeegee kid by the dumpsters at street 3.

· Mobius Strip: Complete the Coca mini-quest by giving 3 packs of Coca either to the

police or the Cocanut Cowboy outside condos at night

2. Hoverboard Quest

The reward for completing this quest is the Hoverboard. You are required to acquire the four Trophemon and either give them to the Billionaire at the end of the condos on street 2 or to Annie the animal rights activist.

· The Cat Trophemon
Give a ladder to the old lady with a lost cat on street 2.

· The Club Trophemon
Give Dj Matchstick McQuick a pizza from Joe’s Pizza Place and a Milkshake from McSticks.

· The Donation Trophemon
Donate 10 times to the street entertainer soliciting donations outside the bar on street.

· The Goon’s Trophemon
Give cigarettes, cuban cigars and a lighter to Vinnie’s Goon at the club.


3. Wife Quest

The Player is treated to options from which to pick a wife. You can either propose to Victoria (requires Cash from DC), Devin (negative Karma needed), Tiffany (requires Strength) or Kate (Intelligence needed). Talk to any of the four characters will prompt a chain of events leading to marriage of you so wish.

These are just some of the quests that you will be treated to in Stick RPG 2. Others include quests to acquire weapons, solving the mystery murder of Ryan and even a skateboard quest. Stick RPG 2 is a captivating simulation game right from the beginning and maintains this attribute throughout. The player is treated to a fascinating experience of working, fighting, gambling at the casino, eating, drinking, sleeping, studying and investing. It basically takes everyday life and puts in a computer. Give it a try today, you’ll love it!